Place To See

Prasat Chrung

The Khmer term “Chrung” (pronounced “tshrong”) means “corner” or “angle”. That’s the name of the location, the four corners of the city walls of Angkor Thom. Thus, Prasat Chrung is not one temple, but four, and they are in more than three kilometres distance from each other. Nevertheless, the shared name makes sense as the temples are similar in design, too. All of them are simple Prasat towers on a cruciform ground plan and open to the east, the two Prasat Chrungs on the eastern city wall have additional entrances to the west. The walls are decorated in the Bayon style of Angkor Thom, for example with female divine beings called Devatas in niches.

The Prasat Chrung temples were dedicated to the Bodhisattva Lokeshvara (Avalokiteshvara), the same Mahayana saviour to whom the central Bayon temple of Angkor Thom was dedicated.

A visit of a Prasat Chrung temple requires a 1.5 km walk or bicycle ride on the city walls, 3 km up and down, this is why Prasat Chrung is untouristed and pretty charming. The most interesting of the four Prasat Chrung locations is at the southeastern corner of Angkor Thom, as already mentioned. There is no optimal time for visiting it.

Run Tadev

We are far from fully understanding the purely functional aspects of the city. An ancient water outlet, known as Run Tadev, is still in use today at the southwestern corner of the enclosure wall. We do not know if the nearby rectangular reservoir, Beng Thom, or the pond known as Trapeang Daun Meas in the northwestern quadrant of the Royal Palace, existed in ancient times.

Takao Port

Is located in the West of Angkor Thom gate. All guests can depart from this port visit the wall of Angkor Thom with listen our romantic traditional music and histories. We will stopover at Prasat Chrung visit Tadev Hole and temple then will leave to the Prasat Bey Port.